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The world is your store

Tags are instant checkouts that you can place on anything. It’s like a buy button that works without websites, apps, or hardware.

Place a buy button everywhere

Create points of sale where purchase intent is highest. Tags distribute your commerce and complete instant one click checkouts.

  • Generate Tags with one click
  • Add items to Kiosk or integrate Shopify
  • Distribute omnichannel or use our Apps
  • Discover new revenue streams
Average Conversion Rate
SMS Open Rate for Save for Later
Top of Funnel Capture
Added Revenue

Tags monetize all people, places and things

Monetize any format of media, online or offline. Place Tags on content, or empower Affiliates to sell omnichannel for you.

Scan to buy
Scan to Buy

Utilize our Scan Tags to sell on print, popups, retail or to place on directly on products.

Click to buy
Click to Buy

Convert instantly on socials with Link Tags added to Stories, bio links, blogs and more.

Text to buy
Text to Buy

Use Text Tags to sell while live streaming, on podcasts or conversational commerce.

Tap to buy
Tap to Buy

Embed Tap Tags on apps and websites, or add shopping to AR, VR, and the Metaverse.

2 seconds to buy

Buyers activate a Tag and instantly experience a pre-loaded cart with one click to buy functionality.

  • Achieve 64% conversion rates
  • Increase AOV with suggested items
  • Process orders like you normally do
  • Customize checkout and add pixels
2 seconds to buy

The future of commerce

Monetize omnichannel in seconds
One click instant checkouts
Organic third party distribution
No websites, downloads or coding
Automate with Shopify Apps

Automate with Shopify apps

Place our Apps on Shopify product pages to automate the distribution of your Tags.

  • 3 minutes to integrate
  • Capture top of funnel with Later
  • Automate Affiliates with Share
  • Sell on any website with Embed
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